Evolution Medicine PC, founded by Dr. Sonya Lazarevic,  practices general, integrative and addiction psychiatry in Manhattan.  Dr. Lazarevic utilizes a combination of conventional and complementary therapies to address each persons mind, body and spirit.  

The following issues are typically addressed in this practice: addiction, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression, bipolar, insomnia, as well as stress and fatigue.

Services include the following

  • Conventional or integrative psychiatric evaluations and consultations
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Appointments via videoteleconferencing (please call to inquire)
  • Physician to physician consultations
  • CPH treatment monitor
  • CPH IME's


If you wish to make an appointment for a consultation, please call the number below:

1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
370 Lexington Ave, New York NY 10017
(212) 924-2871     ~by appointment only