The path of healing

This path is illuminated by a motivation for change and a connection to ones inner wisdom. At Evolution Medicine, we encourage your evolution by exploring the depth of your health and helping you create a wellness program. This is offered through the following services:

General Psychiatry

Evolution Medicine offers psychiatric evaluations with follow up appointments, or single consultations which may include starting medications, re-evaluating current treatment or finding ways to reduce poly-pharmacy.

We typically treat the following conditions; addiction, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression, bipolar, new onset insomnia, stress and fatigue.  If you are considering treatment at Evolution Medicine for a condition not on this list, contact the office and have a brief phone screening prior to making an initial appointment with our office assistant.


Integrative Psychiatry

Dr Lazarevic's unique style and training as an integrative and addiction psychiatrist helps her evaluate your life through an integrative lens, blending allopathic (conventional) and complementary therapies to address the mind, body and spirit.  Here, you both work together to strike a balance in treatment, supporting your healing.

Integrative psychiatric care may include the following recommendations to reduce medications or promote wellness: 

  • Addition of supplements: herbs, vitamins, minerals

  • Nutritional modifications

  • Changes in physical activity

  • Evaluation of social support and quality of life

  • Examination of work life

  • Employment of stress management techniques (breath work, meditation, mindfulness)

  • Exploration via dream work, visualization, breath work, meditation

A personalized treatment plan for healing may involve a team consisting of a primary care physician, CAM specialist or psychotherapist, part of our network of collaborative integrative partners.  To learn more about integrative medicine or our partners, please visit the resources page.

Wellness Workshops

Since 2017, the practice started a series of wellness workshops focused on health and wellness which include tips and practical exercises to help restore health and refine wellness goals. Please contact the office for details.

Our partnered providers in NYC

Providers we closely collaborate, found on the resources page, represent the following disciplines;

  • Acupuncture, E-Stim and Far Infrared

  • Integrative primary care/family medicine, dermatology, gynecology, pain management

  • T’ai Chi and Ch’i Gong

  • Tui Na and Moxibustion

  • Hypnosis

  • CBT psychotherapy

  • Motivational interviewing, family and mindfulness based psychotherapies(CAM)

For an appointment, call 212 924-2871 Monday-Friday 9- 4:30

16 Madison Square West (aka 1115 Broadway) @25th Street