Addiction Therapy & Psychiatry

Addiction is a multidimensional disorder which often requires a layered approach to address its neurobiologic, behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual aspects.  Dr. Lazarevic's unique background incorporates pharmacotherapies with CAM therapies when appropriate.  From moderation to abstinence, she helps patients optimize wellness and understand the risks and benefits associated with treatment options.  

Addictions addressed in treatment include (but are are not limited to);

  • alcohol
  • stimulants (cocaine, meth, prescription stimulants, designer stimulants)
  • tobacco
  • GHB
  • ecstasy/molly
  • heroin/prescription opioids/kratom
  • cannabis
  • sedative hypnotics
  • sex and internet "addictions"

At times substance use is accompanied with other issues such as sexual or behavioral compulsions, or dysfunctional eating patterns.  This may be addressed via an integrative approach and often accompany the suggestion of working with a specialized therapist.  Dr Lazarevic's addiction practice may include prescribing any of the following, if appropriate:

  • buprenorphine (suboxone)
  • vivitrol
  • antabuse
  • naltrexone
  • campral
  • other prescription medications
  • the "Sinclair Method"

Treatment with the above medications require a full evaluation.